19. [name] + ?? (eo-mma) – [name]’s mom

19. [name] + ?? (eo-mma) – [name]’s mom

You recognize you to ?? (chingu) form “pal.” ?? (yeoja), at exactly the same time, means “woman” very ???? ’s the fundamental Korean term to possess wife.

For a lady that has only a buddy, you should use ?? ?? ?? (yeojasaramchingu), hence means “ladies person pal.” And just such as for example ?? (namchin), ???? can also be reduced in order to ?? (yeochin).

14.?? (a-nae) – wife

Interested just what Korean identity to possess wife try? There are several nevertheless important and most well-known keyword is actually ??, obvious because anae. This is the equivalent away from ?? (nampyeon).

fifteen. ?? (saek-si) – partner

That it surprisingly feels like the English word sexy, however, ?? (saeksi) mode an early maiden otherwise bride to be. And additionally ??? (seobangnim), newly weds of your olden times put these terms and conditions to handle per other. Immediately regardless if, playing with ?? (nampyeon) and you will ?? (anae) is more preferred.

16. ??? (wai-peu) – wife

The Korean language is continually evolving and you will the new jargon and you may Konglish (blend of Korean and you will English) terminology is actually emerging every now and then.

??? is just the Konglish enunciation of your own English term spouse. More and more Koreans are employing so it term today.

17. ??? (gong-ju-nim) – little princess

When you are a guy therefore want to make use of a nice endearment from inside the Korean to suit your girlfriend, you might call the girl ??? (gongjunim).

?? (gongju) form little princess and eg in the above list, ? (-nim) is actually extra within an honorific label. Think of it such dealing with your girlfriend since royalty.

18. ??? (gwi-yo-mi) – cutie

One of several cutest Korean terms of endearment, actually and you will figuratively, are ??? (gwiyomi). If you were to think the term is actually common, it’s because new aegyo-occupied Gwiyomi Tune grabbed Korea and you can China from the violent storm out-of later 2012 so you’re able to 2013. An abundance of K-pop musicians covered this tune.

??? (gwiyomi) developed regarding word ??? (gwieopda) which means that adorable. While the label try gender-natural, so much more people state which on the girlfriends than the most other ways around.

So again, if the kid’s name’s ?? (Minho), the caretaker are entitled ?? ?? otherwise Minho eomma. Perhaps one of the most practical Korean terms of endearment, this can be employed by the brand new spouse, in-guidelines, and folks outside of immediate family members.

20. ?? ??? (uri-gang-a-ji) – our canine

You should never query me personally as to the reasons men have to name its girlfriends canine however in any circumstances, this is certainly one of several common Korean terms of endearment one to specific moms and dads additionally use for their children.

Korean terms of endearment otherwise an easy way to target members of the family

Though talking about not Korean regards to endearment by itself, this type of conditions are also sweet additions into words, especially if you plan on generating Korean friends:

  • ?? (chin-gu) – buddy
  • ?? ?? ?? (nam-ja-sa-ram-chin-gu) – men friend
  • ?? ?? ?? (yeo-ja-sa-ram-chin-gu) – girls friend
  • ?? ?? ?? (je-il mouth-han jaw-gu) – closest friend
  • ??? ?? (jeol-chin-han chin-gu) – higher friend or buddy
  • ?? (jeol-chin) – reduced brand of jeolchinhan chingu

Another fun word understand best sugar daddy apps Detroit MI are ?? (bepeu), that is a jargon, reduced title on the Konglish terminology ??? ??? (beseuteu peurendeu) or best friend. For people who plus closest friend commonly Koreans, but share a common fascination with everything Korean, have you thought to try for it endearment for each and every other?

Respectful language is big during the Korea and this reaches even friendly relationships. Oppa, hyung, and you can unnie are some of the popular means of handling family of different decades. You can check it selection of honorific terminology.

What to think about while using these Korean regards to endearment

When you are understanding Korean while having an effective Korean lover, having fun with Korean terms of endearment isn’t only a very good ways of going past “textbook Korean.” It is quite a great way away from appearing affection along with some instances, reverence for your significant other.

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